Pregnancy is the most beautiful chapter for women since she introduces a new life. But, the most common and frustrating thing among new moms is their bulky shape. Especially, the “Baby-pooch” that inhibit her to fit in the old fashionable jeans.

Most of the new moms stay alert about feeding, sleep, and potty training of their new-born child. I wonder how much sleepless nights they have to spend behind their child.

In the meantime, they almost forgot about themselves. It’s not easy at all to lose the postpartum tummy and to get the old body shape back. Well, there is a various method available for weight loss.

Among all, one method is gaining a lot of popularity from new moms and even by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ciara, and Jessica Alba. They all tested the effectiveness of waist training and get their flat tummy back after having a baby.

You may have the curiosity like when to start waist training after pregnancy. Before providing the information about when to start waist training, I will discuss some fact about waist training. For example; how does it work, why a new mom needs it, whether it is safe or not, when to start it, and many more.

What is Waist Training?

According to experts, “Waist training is a process where your midsection is tightly wrapped by a latex material, corset, or a supportive band.” The wrapping is done from the bottom of your ribs to lower waist.

Waist training is not a new concept; it has been used since the Victorian era. They used to wrap their tummy with a supportive band and a latex material. That time these materials were more restrictive and aggressive. It might have a good result but would make it difficult for their regular lives.

Nowadays, waist trainers are making a comeback and become more popular. Waist trainer nowadays is available in flexible, soft, and lighter materials.

How Does Waist Training works?

Hooks or Velcro is being used in a waist trainer that works with continuous light compression and thermogenic. This material helps to trim your tummy for a better shape. Most of these days waist trainer are made up with a heat-storing combination of latex, polyester, and cotton.

These elements stimulate thermal activity and sweat that triggers fat loss by burning more calories. This process dissolves specific fatty tissue in your abdominal area that results reshaping and slimming.

Why Do You Need Waist Training After Pregnancy?

Before knowing the necessity let’s ask yourself, “what happened with you after pregnancy?” Whatever happened with you is happening with every new mom. During pregnancy all the fluid and hormonal shifts occur; after pregnancy, the amount of water retention increase uncomfortably.

 Also, during pregnancy, the uterus becomes like watermelon, and often new moms wait for it to become like a pear. To reduce the amount of water retention and get back your uterus in older shape, new moms need to wear a corset or supportive band. It helps to release water retention and shrink the cervix faster.

Is it Safe Doing After Post-pregnancy?

Yes, it is! When your baby is in your arm, then your lower abdomen will not harm after a wrap. Because it’s all about your baby so there is nothing to worry.

Simply think of it, “When you tie a balloon full of air then what happened?” – The air gets disappear and move to the outer edge of the balloon. That’s what happens to your tummy too, so waist training only helps your body to get in older shape.

Waist training results in a flat belly and provides mental and physical confidence to wear your favorite dress. This specific area of the body helps in the overall healing process. So, it is entirely safe after pregnancy.

When To Start Waist Training After Pregnancy?

Well, I won’t say the exact time because the situation varies, so as people’s health condition. Experts suggest wearing them from the first or second weeks of pregnancy but for a little time like 2 to 3 hours. Because it takes time to adjust with your body and the excess usage may harm your health.

After the first month, increase the frequency of use gradually like almost 8 hours a day. Believe me, it works! Even satisfied users claim that regular use of nearly six months brings a magical result.

Things To Remember In The Waist Training Period

In case you think that you’ll wear a waist trainer and everything will be back on track effortlessly. In my opinion, this is entirely gibberish because there is no shortcut for any success.

As well as with the waist training, you need to eat healthily and do exercise more. For a long-lasting effect, do some cardio for muscle strength (like planks, twisting crunches)

Also, choose the waist trainer that perfectly matches your body shape. If it is too tight, then it causes suffocation or else if it is too loose then it won’t work anymore.

The Bottom Line

Remember one thing; waist training won’t do any magic in the first few days. You need to wear them for long in a proper manner. This is an additional tool that would help you in own way, but the effectiveness depends on you. The irregular usage will give you a temporary result. Also, an irregular food habit and without exercise, the result will be nothing like zero.

What is your opinion about waist training? Have you tried yet? When did you start waist training? Share all your experience with us in the comment box below.

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