Pregnancy is a roller coaster journey we all know that. In this time everyone lady should be conscious about their health.

During pregnancy, you have to be careful about eating, clothing and so many things. You have to think about your baby too. As the baby grows up day by day, so you have to change your wearing pattern. You will need some maternity clothing’s in your closet.

Today in this article we will discuss all clothing during pregnancy.

Let’s start with what you should avoid during pregnancy:

What not to wear during pregnancy

You must avoid some clothes during pregnancy. Wrong selection of dresses may harm you and your upcoming one. Here are some items that you should avoid this time:

  1. You should avoid wearing clothes made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester. Clothes made of synthetic material will trap heat inside and you will feel irritated.
  2. According to experts, you should avoid wearing such clothes which have a permanent press or wrinkle-free tag. Because those clothes are made with chemicals which can harm the skin.
  3. Must avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes. Those are uncomfortable to wear and you won’t feel comfortable to move during pregnancy. Tight fitting clothes tightened around the belly and will put pressure on it.
  4. During pregnancy, you should avoid wearing clothes which are difficult to take off. Because you have to visit the toilets oftentimes.
  5. Be aware to put heels on feet. Your weight will be massive and it will be tough to keep balance in high heels. Try to wear specially designed pregnancy shoes.

What to wear during pregnancy

Pregnancy is not the thing you should hide from everyone. Now women are celebrating their pregnancy. Manufacturers noted this change in behavior and make some specially designed maternity clothes which deliver elegance and comfort.

Let’s see what you can wear during pregnancy:What to Wear and What Not To Wear During Pregnancy

Clothing for women during pregnancy

You can wear regular clothes in the first three months. After that, you have to purchase maternity clothes. Why? Because regular cloth will not fit with your growing body. Hence, maternity clothes will support you and adjust perfectly to the growing body.

Maternity Shirts

You can wear maternity shirts which is easy and comfortable for pregnant women. You don’t have to purchase the larger one. Just select your current size according to the maternity version.

Maternity Jeans

Office going women like to wear jeans. Jeans look great and have a cool outfit. You can also wear jeans during pregnancy. But jeans are tight, no? just turn to maternity version, simple!

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Maternity Tops

In the market, you can see various designs of maternity tops. Those are easy to wear, comfortable and elegant. Just choose the one you like most.

Maternity Jackets

If you want to wear a stylish jacket during pregnancy in winter, then a maternity jacket for you. Maternity jackets look gorgeous and stylish. These come with many kinds of design and different price ranges. Comfortable to use and made of skin-friendly materials.

Maternity Coats

Maternity coats are the most popular dress for pregnant women during winter. Those look good, easy to wear, comfortable, well-designed and affordable.

Maternity Yoga Pants

For exercise, maternity yoga pants are the best. Those are made of cotton, Lycra, spandex materials that is not harmful to the skin. Those are also stretchy and comfortable.

Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are the most essential for pregnant women during pregnancy. Those are very useful. You can wear it for exercising, walking, going to the parties and even for the office. Make sure to purchase maternity leggings which are made with natural fabrics.

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Maternity Swimwear

Many doctors and experts recommended that swimming is the most beneficial forms of exercising during pregnancy. It will give you refreshment and stress free life. For swimming, you can purchase soft maternity swimwear that will help you the most.

Maternity Bras

During pregnancy, your breast shapes will be changed and increase the size. It will be the wisest decision if you purchase maternity bras this time. Those are made with specific fabrics which will give you comfort and remain fit with your growing breast.

Maternity Panties

Maternity panties are must have things. Those are made for pregnant women. After wearing, you will feel comfortable. So, make sure you have purchased some pair of maternity pantie.

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Maternity Support Belt

Maternity support belt is another must-have item for a pregnant lady. During pregnancy, you will go through a lot of hormonal changes. As a result, you will gain a lot of weight and your body will change noticeably. During that time, maternity support belt will balance your body so that you can move with ease. But remember maternity support belt and post-partum waist trainer isn’t the same thing.

People often get confused and purchase post-partum waist trainer as a support belt. Post-partum waist trainer requires after childbirth where a maternity support belt requires during pregnancy. Two different things with two different purpose, don’t mix up!

Final words

Those maternity clothes are must needed things for a pregnant woman. Those will help a woman to lead a happy pregnancy life. I hope, now you know what to wear or not to wear during pregnancy. If you think this article helpful, then don’t forget to share with your friends and loving ones.

I’m wrapping up for now. We will meet soon with some more life hacks and tips. If anything I missed, then feel free to write it in the comment box.

Till then, Stay connected and share your opinion with Momsnkids.

Have a good day for you and well-wishes to your little one!

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