You can’t take any chance with your baby’s health, can you? When you suspect the kid is sick, you need a good quality thermometer that shows quick and accurate temperature status.

If you know the correct temperature, you can determine your next move wisely. But most of the thermometers in the market are worthless. That’s unfortunate. One has to be very wise when it comes to shopping for baby thermometers.

There are certain things you can consider before shopping. We will discuss those facts later on. Besides, there are millions of resources available online regarding this. If you need a proper buying guide, google it.

Types of Baby Thermometers

Today we decided to show you the type of baby thermometers available in the market. This will also help you in your shopping for the baby thermometer.

Let’s take you straight to the point.

Glass Thermometer

Those are traditional old thermometer you can place under the arm or under the tongue. Those can be used as a baby thermometer too. But those are less accurate, not so hygienic and hassle to use. In modern days those seem pretty backdated.

Types of Baby ThermometersDigital Thermometer

Those are the replacement of a glass thermometer. Easy to use, offers fast and accurate result on an LCD. It comes with a small electronic sensor at the tip. A digital thermometer can take under the arm, oral and rectal temperature reading. Those are versatile and definitely an ideal choice for babies.

Ear Thermometer

Those are designed to measure the temperature inside the baby’s ear canal with infrared rays. Those are super simple to use which is why the popularity of the item has increased in recent years. But those may not fit all ear types that’s the problem.

Pacifier Thermometer

From the name you can understand those are built into the pacifier. Inside the pacifier thermometer, there is a temperature sensor tip that measures the temperature. And there is an LSD at the front side to read the status. Those are not very reliable in terms of consistency and accuracy. Those look good and fancy but not so practical.

Rectal Thermometer

Those are considered the most accurate thermometers for babies. Rectal Thermometer shows the exact core body temperature. Those are designed for rectal use. But those might feel uncomfortable for kids sometimes.

Forehead Thermometer

Forehead thermometer uses infrared technology to measure the temperature. You have to sweep the thermometer in your child’s forehead and then check the reading. Those are easy and quick to use.

Forehead thermometers are highly recommended for kids. If you need less hassle and accurate temperature measurement forehead thermometer is what you will need. In online shop or local market, you will get the best forehead thermometer within your budget.

Disposable Forehead Strips

Those are similar to a temporal artery or forehead thermometers. But those strips are a bit different as those are one-off. In a disposable forehead strip, you will notice plastic straps that change color when placed on the forehead. Those are quite alike as pacifier thermometers too. Those are not so much reliable in terms of consistency and accuracy. Those thermometers tend to measure the skin temperature rather than core body. That’s why you will not get an exact measurement all the time.

As we all know consistent accuracy is quite important in a baby thermometer, so, you can re-think before purchasing this one. Still, there are few options available in the market that are thoughtfully designed to provide accuracy.

Final Words

Those are the types of baby thermometers available in the market. Now the question is which thermometer I should consider for my baby? Well, there are specific facts you should know before shopping. Like:

  • First of all the thermometer, you are going to purchase must provide an accurate result,
  • It must be consistent in providing accuracy
  • The thermometer must not take too much time in temperature reading. The thermometer that shows the effect in 5 seconds is good enough
  • Also, it must have night mode to know the result in the dark
  • Know about the scale as well. What do you prefer Celsius or Fahrenheit? Choose according to your preference

When it comes to baby products, parents need to know every detail about the products. Nobody wants to take any risk while it comes to their baby. Consider those types and those essential factors in order to grab the best baby thermometer.

I am signing out right now. If you have anything else to know about it, feel free to comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good Luck!

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