Organizing a push party is technically not that different from organizing a baby shower.  In order to organize one, you’ll have to understand who, the party is for, what it should be like, and who should come to the party.  Below you’ll find some top tips for throwing the best push party to date.

Expand the Guest List

This is an important differentiator when it comes to a push party vs a baby shower.  While the latter is typically just for women and the partner might show up at the end for the gifts and such, generally, the party itself is just for women. They play games, make crafts, etc.

However, the guest list gets expanded at a push party to the partner and their friends as well. It’s a co-ed celebration and is especially appropriate if the mother has already had children and has a lot of the baby items too.

Celebrate the Mom

A push party celebrates the mom more than the babies to come. As stated above, this is a lot of times in place of a baby shower for people with multiple children.  While there will inevitably be gifts that will be used for the newest additions to the family, there should also be gifts that are intentionally for the new mom/new parents (this is co-ed after all). Things such as massages, babysitting services, and date nights should be given so while they are enjoying their baby, they can also take the time for enjoying each other and self-care.

Add Sophisticated Adult Decorations

Again, this should be something that is a little more upscale than a traditional baby shower. Instead of choosing baby bottles and pink and blue streamers, you can choose wine glasses with sparkling cider, rose and emerald blue colors to be more regal.  The decorations can be anything that has to be celebratory of the mom.  Make her the queen for the day.

Still Have Fun Things to Do

It’s still a party, so have some fun things to do and fun games to play.  If you search videos on YouTube you can find creative games that include both men and women having a great time.

These games should be designed to make people laugh. You can also have things such as a photo booth or a selfie section that has props for the guests to use to make funny pictures with. You can also have a guestbook and a polaroid camera to take pictures and have people put it in the book and leave a comment. That would be a great memento for the parents and their little one to look at for years to come as an amazing memory.

Know the Mom

This is an important one that might not initially be thought of.  You want to know what her aversions are and what she is currently eating. Some foods might make mom nauseous or she can’t eat them during the pregnancy, whatever the case may be, you’ll want to avoid foods that are going to make mom sick just by the smell.  Talking to her will help with this.  Also, know what she is craving because you can make sure to have that on hand.  This day should be one of the best before the baby is born so ensuring that she gets to actually eat at the party is a really important tip to it being amazing.

All in all, just make the party fun and do all the double and triple checking before the party to make sure it goes as smooth as possible. Have fun with planning and hopefully these tips help you follow in the steps of the Carters and have an amazing push party!

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