Summer is just around the corner, and you feel the days getting warmer. If you’re a parent, you know what this means: it’s the time when your kids take a break from their usual school routines and get to explore your neighborhood. Indeed, many children find themselves more active than usual outdoors when this season comes around.

Because your kids are more energetic during this time, they need more fuel for their many activities. Aside from making sure they’re well-hydrated, you’ll also need to prepare certain treats for them whenever they get hungry.

Here is a short list of the top summertime snacks your kids are sure to love.

Chips, Candies & Chocolates

This is the easiest to prepare among all the other snacks on this list as you can easily get them from shops and online suppliers. You will need to stock up on a lot of these treats as they are popular among kids, and who can blame them? We all grew up eating these treats as well. What you can do is to buy imported chocolates wholesale and slowly ration them out a little at a time to your kids.


If you don’t have cold treats such as ice cream in the house, you can quickly whip up a substitute like a refreshing parfait. All you need is some heavy cream that you can whip until it reaches a slightly thick consistency, some granola or breakfast cereal, and any fresh fruits you have to serve as topping. Put this in the refrigerator for a bit just to chill them, and when your kids arrive home fresh from their play, they are sure to enjoy this cold, delicious treat.


Who doesn’t love indulging in popcorn? Even adults enjoy this treat, and your kids will too. And they’re fairly easy to make. You just need to pop a bag of popcorn in the microwave and drizzle a bit of butter and salt on them when they’re done and voila! Your kids have a snack they can munch on when they come home and want to play video games after being outdoors all day.

Fresh Fruits

This is another easy treat to prepare as you don’t need to do much in terms of preparation before serving this to your kids. Keep in mind though that a lot of kids like their fruit to be cut up, so it would be good if you cut whatever fruit you have in your household into bite-sized pieces. There’s another advantage to cutting up your fruit—in case your kid doesn’t finish his, there won’t be as much waste.

Pizza Bites

If you’re the type of family to prepare homemade pizza weekly and you frequently get a lot of the sauce, pepperoni, and cheese leftover from the recipe, there’s a way you can serve them to your kids in a fun way by creating your own pizza bites. Just take a few pieces of saltine crackers and spread the leftover sauce on them and then top with the pepperoni and cheese. Your kids are sure to love them!


Having these go-to summertime snacks on the ready will keep your kids well-fed and fueled up for their next outdoor adventure. They’re all easy to make and you can even take them along with you on family trips to the beach, lake, or local park. 


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