The festive season may seem like it’s a long way off, but, as we all know, it comes around a lot quicker than we think it will. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting started on Christmas shopping so you can spread the cost and the stress over a few months, rather than waiting until the end of November to cram it all in.

So, if you’re thinking of what you will be giving for Christmas this year, we have a few suggestions that should give you some inspiration for the children in your life, whether they are your own kids, nephews and nieces or grandchildren. If you have a special 5 year old in your life, read on for some gift ideas for this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Ideas For 5 Year Olds

A Dolls’ Pram

A dolls’ pram is a classic choice and is the perfect gift for Christmas. Children love to engage in imaginative play and will often imitate their parents when playing. By giving them a dolls’ pram, you can encourage them to expand their imaginations and encourage them to engage in play which can help them to develop a number of skills such as social and language.

You can find a fantastic range of Silver Cross prams at Play Like Mum so your child can play with a high quality pram which will hold up to hours of play and can be enjoyed for years to come. Silver Cross is a well trusted brand when it comes to full size prams for babies and toddlers as well as dolls’ prams for them to play with as they grow.

A Child’s Tablet 

Children are more familiar with technology than ever before, so it’s important that they are protected when they are online. Rather than trying to keep your 5 years old offline, why not invest in a tablet that they can use but is designed for their age group?

There is a huge range of children’s tablets available now, such as the Leap Frog tablets which feature educational games and only give children access to child-friendly apps, videos, and eBooks. This is a great way to introduce a child to technology without worrying about what they have access to. It’s also a great gift if your child is often asking to play with your phone or tablet!

A Personalised Storybook 

All children love stories, but they what they will love more is a story that features themselves. You can find personalized children’s storybooks at a number of places, such as Penwizard who let you add your child to a story, adding their name and a character that looks like them so they can see themselves as part of the tale. You can choose from a range of popular characters, placing your child right at the heart of the adventure.

With Christmas fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start thinking about what you’ll be wrapping up and popping under the tree for them. Take inspiration from our suggestions and find the perfect gift for the special 5 year old in your life.


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