Physical activity undoubtedly has mounted of benefits for both mental and physical development. It helps children to build self-esteem as well as learning how to work together will others. Sports and other physical activity can be introduced to children starting age 6 or 7 years old. Even though parents expect physical activity to have a positive impact on children’s development but it is important that such activity aims for fun. The activity is something that children will enjoy doing it.

In general, there are two types of physical activity for children who are team sports and individual sports. Team sports are the activity which requires children to play as a team such as a rugby, lacrosse, flag football, and many more. While the individual sports allow children to play in solitaire such as karate, taekwondo, swimming, and so on. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of team sports and individual sports.

Team Sports

The main advantage of any sports that kids choose should help them to develop balance, strength, and coordination. However, in team sports, children should be able to work together with a fellow teammate to achieve the goal. In this situation, children will learn to cooperate with differences amongst the team member as well as resolving conflicts. It helps the kids with discipline, leadership skill, and also team-player. All of these skills are valuable in numerous aspects of life.

However, even though team sports helps children in several different aspects, but some team sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketballs have become a long-term game. Parents may find such sport requires bigger and money and time commitment.

Individual sports

Individual sports such as gymnastics, karate, fence, and such have space for children to develop at their own pace. There is no requirement for children to be competent enough to play in the team. However, they will have to learn their own trick to pursue their goals. In individual sports, failure and success depend on oneself. There is no one to blame for the defeats. Individual sports allow children to be disciplined, responsible, and self-reliant because both victory and failure are theirs to enjoy alone.

The individual sports are a good choice for children who push themselves to achieve their personal goal without relying on the team. Even though it is entitled as an individual game but children will still learn to interact with partners as a team. It is just the play when they will compete individually.

Choosing the best one for kids

All parents want the best activity for their children. But sometimes choosing the best one for them is not an easy deal. Numerous choices of sports make it even harder for parents to choose one. If that is the case, consider some of this point in choosing the best sport for children.

Try different sports

In order to enjoy certain types of sport, children should find one that can address with their temperament. Consider only the children’s character and personality sometimes is not easy especially when they are also trying to find out their temperament. Both introverts and extroverts share different types of sports. So, it is better to advise children to try different sports before finally choosing one and focus on it. Children need to experience how it is like to play certain sports before ruling them in one sport.

See the sport’s safety

Most sport includes physical contact with others. This means that there is always the risk of physical injuries during the play. Make sure that the sport is safe enough for children to play. At least, the parent should guarantee the kids safety by using safety accessories such as kids karate mouth guard. Through this way, children can enjoy playing sport without worrying about getting injured.

Respects the child’s choice

Some parents may make a choice for the best sport for children. This is not wrong but do you really think that the kids love the sport as well? When children still figure out the best sport for them, let them explore the options and find the one they are passionate about. A parent can resist the urge to make the choice but respect the child’s choice. Being motivating parents who cheer, push, and help them along the way is more important than simply make the decision for children.

Whatever the type of sport that the kids choose, it is important that they should enjoy the activity. Sports are fun and it supposed to be that way. When the kids are happily enjoying the sport, they surely will get numerous health benefits, great life lessons, as well as build a relationship with others.

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