With the world practicing social distancing, it, unfortunately, has postponed many social events, and baby showers are not the exception; however, not all hope needs to be lost. These recent events have encouraged people to get creative and show their love and support for each other in new ways, so if you don’t want to wait until your baby is born and do sip and see invitations for your baby boy.

Here are three new trends and that recently popped up to allow us to have still the social interaction we need as people.

Baby Shower By Mail Invitations

A baby shower by mail is just that. If you are the one that is hosting the party, you will send a baby shower invitation that invites them to join in a baby shower mail. You will give them some guidelines of what to send as presents and request that they mail the gifts back to you so you can wrap them. You will want to mark each one with the name of the individual who bought it so that the expecting mother knows when she is opening it. Then you will put all the presents in one box and mail them to the guest of honor.

From there, you will also want to include details on the invitation to the online event where the expecting mother will be opening the presents. You can do this on Facebook live, Zoom, or whatever online platform you are most comfortable with. Once the event has started and friends and family have logged on, the expecting mother will open each present so the everyone can see and be part of such a special event making everyone feel close even though the party is done from afar.

Zoom Baby Shower

Zoom is a web conferencing software that has become really really popular. Zoom allows you to video conference a big group of people and sees them all on your screen at one time, which lends itself perfectly for a baby shower. It is tough not to be able to get together, but zoom allows you to do the next best thing. So if you are locked up in quarantine, this can be the next option.

To throw a Zoom shower, you are welcome to decorate a small backdrop behind yourself to make it look like a party. You may also want to play a few games to keep everyone interacting. The best games on a video conference will be trivia games such as fun baby facts, or who know the guest of honor best.  

A fun twist you can do to surprise the mom-to-be is having something delivered to her during the shower. It can be a beautiful bouquet or just something as simple as having a door dash deliver her favorite meal to give the party a sense of unity.

With a Zoom shower, you can also have the guest of honor open her presents on the call as well if you have had enough time to notify guests where to send the gifts.


A drive-thru shower is about like it sounds. If you are the one that is putting the shower together, you will need to coordinate a time that where the friends and family of the mommy-to-be can drive by the house of the excepting mother.

There is a couple of different ways this can be done. You can have the guest of honor sitting outside as the parade of cars passes by her house at a safe distance so loved ones can roll down their windows and chat with the expecting mother.  

Also, another version of this shower is to have the expecting mom to stay inside while guests drive up and drop off a present at the front door. If the family has a window in front of their house, guests can drop off the gift and wave to the party girl and even have a little chat through the window.

If you plan on each guest chatting, you will need to schedule each car with a 5 min gap so that everyone is till obeying distancing guidelines.

So please take care of yourself and stay healthy and stay safe during this scary time.

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