Pregnancy not only comes with hormonal changes but also change the way you look.  Some women during pregnancy period where some others seem dull and pale. Skin change is a common thing during pregnancy. Don’t be so tense, and this is not permanent. Eventually, everything will be sorted out after childbirth.

Now brace yourself and be ready for coming months with the most practical pregnancy skin care tips:

Well cleanse

During pregnancy, your skin can look ultra-dry, or you can get a pimple as well. However, you can’t do anything hormonal changes, but you can clean your skin properly. Clean your skin every day to maintain clear pores and remove dirt and makeup which only adds problems.

Amazing Pregnancy FactsBe Extra Sun Safe

The ideal side effect of pregnancy is your sensitivity to the sun. While pregnant, you will feel uncomfortable to stay in the sun. So you can wear a board-brimmed hat to keep out of the sun or find yourself a shade in outdoor. You can use a pregnancy-friendly sunscreen that contains zinc oxide. It is difficult to apply but worth it.

Avoid Toxic Ingredients

It’s a general knowledge to avoid eating raw fish and deli meats during the pregnancy. There are some chemical ingredients that you have to avoid such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, chemical sunscreens, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and aluminum chloride as well. Those can harm your skin during this crucial time.

Avoid Acne Medication

If you use oral or acne medications, then stop using them before you get pregnant. Drugs like Accutane, Retin-A, and another topical retinoid can absorb through your along with your baby’s bloodstream. Those products contain salicylic and beta-hydroxy acids too.

Use a Body Oil

Stretch marks during pregnancy period is another familiar thing a lady can experience. Stretch marks are mostly genetic. However, you can use an excellent quality natural body oil like sweet almond oil to assist your stretching skin or minimize the fierceness of potential stretch marks. Use it regularly on your belly, breasts, and hips as well.


For many women during their pregnancy, getting off to the sofa and walk to the freezer for ice cream is enough exercise. A gentle exercise at least once a day will increase the circulation and bring nutrients to your skin if it can be tolerated. A proper workout will make you feel happy and help you to sleep well.

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Is Bottled Water Safe During PregnancyDrinking water

Drinking water always helps your body. During pregnancy, you must drink a lot of water. Water helps to flush out the toxins from your body and also maintain the sufficient amniotic fluid in the sac for the baby to be comfortable. Besides, there is a common beauty rule we know that have to drink lots of water. It also keeps your complexion clear and plump.

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Simplify Your Makeup

Always try to keep your makeup routine simple and also try to use chemical-free products. Favorite ingredients such as lipsticks and other beauty accessories are made with less-than-good-for-you chemicals.

So try to pick pregnancy friendly foundation or tinted moisturizer. Try to find out natural foundation alternative from your nearby healthcare food store. Adjust your skincare and makeup that suits your changing skins needs as well.

Don’t over-exfoliate

Now your skin is more sensitive than ever. Keep in mind that you are developing a human inside. So be gentle when you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Your delicate skin can scar way more easily than pre-pregnancy so be careful.

Be Relax

The last one but most important point to consider is relaxing. Include breaks in your schedule and get a chance to lie down for a while. Your body needs to relax. Pregnancy can be very stressful so make sure to rest properly. Enough rest will make you look pretty.


Pregnancy period can be crucial so be careful to use beauty accessories for your skin care. Try not to use chemical made beauty products. Make sure to stay relaxed all the time. Remember you’re not alone now. Your little one is growing up inside you. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

I’m wrapping up for now. We will meet soon with some more tips and life hacks. Till then stay healthy and don’t hesitate to share your valuable opinion.

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