Do you know you can test IQ (intelligence quotient) of your kids even when they have not learned to speak? Children psychology suggests that we can evaluate the IQ of a child with some signals according to their age. These IQ test for kids can lead towards a better understanding of a child’s IQ and helps in understanding early signs of intelligence.

Heavy Newborns are most likely to turn out future geniuses. According to a research on 3000 newborns conducted by the British Medical Journal, the babies born with heavyweight have more chances of being intelligent as their bodies are appropriately nourished as compared to other babies born with average weight.

One and Two-Year-Old Kids born to multilingual parents have strong chances of high IQ. But how? A scientific journal “Child Development” suggests in a report that when parents talk to their kids in multiple languages, the kids are exposed to linguistic challenges which aid in brain development. With the development of the brain, the IQ level of kids boosts and their brain functions more speedily. Isn’t it surprising that parent’s languages play a vital role in IQ test for kids?

Three Year Old Tall Kids can be tested by their height. The National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that tall kids are more likely to show signs of high IQ. Naturally tall kids play dominant roles, and they perform better at cognitive tests, leading towards high IQ.

Four-Year-Old Artists have an above-average IQ. Research conducted at King’s College London concluded that If a kid shows great artistic skills especially towards drawing and painting, he is more intelligent then his peers. The study was based on 15000 sample pictures drawn by kids, and it was noticed that the kids with remarkable IQ had exceptional artistic skills.

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Five-Year-Old Kids who are good at lying are going to score high at IQ tests. A Canadian study based on 1200 kids suggested that the IQ test for kids can be evaluated with their ability to lie. Surprisingly, the kids who were better at lying had better IQ level. Experts from Toronto University suggest that making up stories and lies is a complex process and only children with high IQ can do it.

Six-Year-Old Musicians who learn to play a musical instrument develop strong EQ (Emotional Intelligence) as well as IQ. University of Vermont College of Medicine carried out research on 232 students, and it was observed that the kids who had learned to play a musical instrument had better anxiety management skills.

Seven-Year-Old Readers have chances of developing very high IQ in the future. Typically kids are more inclined towards toys and games at the age of seven years, and rarely any kids are interested in reading as much as kids like to play. According to the researchers at King’s College London and the University of Edinburgh, kids who have a great interest in reading have great chances of developing high IQ in the future.

Eight Year Old Night Owl Kids most likely turn out to be nocturnal adults in the future. Research conducted by the London School of Economics concludes that nocturnal adults have high IQ. So definitely, the children who stay up late show signs of high IQ as they grow up. 

Nine-Year-Old Kids who eat proper breakfast have more chances of developing above average IQ. The team of researchers assessed 5000 kids, and the kids who had the habit of eating healthy breakfast did well in assessments.

Ten Year Old Chatty Kids are smart and sometimes they face difficulty in fitting in with the other kids because of their higher level of maturity. These kids question everything that interests them, and they love talking about ideas. Such kids often turn out to be future geniuses.

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