Pregnancy is a crucial time for everyone. A pregnant lady gets thousands of advice from parents, friends and close ones. Even strangers give advice often! People will tell you to do this, do that, follow this, don’t follow that and so on. Well, people tell you as they are concerned about you.

Don’t be irritated instead play smart. How?

Research and know which advices are worth following and which instructions are nothing but a myth. There are a large number of myths available about pregnancy that is trusted by a lot. Those are just myths you should stop believing right now.

Myths about Pregnancy: Reality Revealed

Today we will discuss those serious myths. There are lots of common myths in our society about pregnancy.

Grab a chair and stay tight to read on.

Myth # 1

You can’t Dye Hair

Can You Dye Your Hair While BreastfeedingThe truth is: you can dye your hair with some caution. You can use a natural dying element such as henna. Vegetable dyes are safe to use. However, avoid using high chemical made dyes. Wear gloves while applying and always try to do hair dye in a well-ventilated room.

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Myth # 2

Sex during Pregnancy can hurt the Baby

The truth is: No, It won’t hurt the baby. You can make love with your partner during pregnancy.

Sex during pregnancy is extremely safe for most women with uncomplicated, low-risk pregnancies.

– says Dayna Salasche, MD, an associate professor of obstetrics/gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg, School of Medicine and an obstetrician at Northwestern Specialists for Women.

There are some exceptions. If your placenta is positioned between your cervix and vagina or if you’re at a high risk for preterm birth, ask your doctor before having sex.

Myth # 3

You can’t Do Exercise

Do you know Serena Williams played and won 23rd grand slam tournament while pregnant? She didn’t even drop a set that time! So, if anyone tells you that you can’t exercise while pregnant kick them off! If Serena can win Australian Open you can do some exercise too!

Exercise will help you to feel better; look better and even exercise is helpful for your little one too. You can do some safest exercise include swimming, brisk walking, indoor stationary cycling, step or elliptical machines. If you have the health concern such as diabetes, asthma or heart disease, ask your doctor first before performing any exercise.

Myth # 4

A bigger baby is the better baby

The Truth is: this myth is not true. The average baby weighs about 7.5 pounds. And much bigger babies are more likely to suffer from diabetes and obesity in later life.

Myth # 5

Cocoa Butter Prevents Stretch Marks

The truth is: no, it doesn’t help to prevent stretch marks. Using cocoa butter makes women’s skin more sensitive and even it can cause an allergic reaction to some women. So you should avoid using cocoa butter when you’re pregnant.

Myth # 6

Women Feel Happy during Pregnancy

The truth is: pregnant women are just as likely as other women to suffer from mood disorders- According to the research. Psychiatrists estimate that about 20% of pregnant women feel anxiety or depression. And depression during pregnancy can lead to premature delivery or low birth weight. If you feel like that make sure to contact with obstetricians.

Myth # 7

You can’t fly during Pregnancy

You can’t fly during Pregnancy

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The Truth is: You can fly during pregnancy. For that, you have to consider some factors. You have to check the FAQs on your airline’s website. You will need a letter from your doctor to confirm you’re in a good condition. If you are over 28 weeks of pregnancy, make sure you have travel insurance that covers you in pregnancy away from home.


Myth # 8

One Drink Won’t Hurt the Baby

The truth is: it can hurt your baby. If you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, make sure to avoid alcohol. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs).

Myth # 9

You’re eating for two

The truth is: Yes. You’re eating for two. But growing a baby inside doesn’t mean you have to consume lots of calories. Just follow a healthy diet and add extra 300 calories. That’s all you need.

Final words

Hope this article will relief your hesitation during pregnancy. You don’t have to take others advises at all. Just follow your doctors advises and a healthy diet. That’s all.

I’m wrapping up for now. We will meet soon with some more tips and life hacks. Stay happy and share your valuable opinion with us.

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