The kitchen is that room that can create a relaxed and warm atmosphere in the house, especially with your kids. It is a place where you can cook and at the same time, listen to your children or watch your children do their homework. The kitchen is part of our day-to-day activities; even if you eat take out all the time, at some point, you will need your kitchen.

Some kitchens are cozy and lovely; the blend of colors is just attractive. You will want to spend all day curled up in it while some are big wide, and airy. Depending on what you want as a mum, you can get or decorate a kitchen that connects with you and create that open atmosphere with you and your family.  Some say the kitchen is the heart of the house: with some of the characteristics above, you can agree that it is indeed the house’s heart.

How to Plan a Kitchen Decor

Whether you are renovating an existing kitchen or designing a new one, you must consider some things to aid the processes. These factors will help you achieve the concept you want, whether you are going for a cheery, cozy, or schoolroom design for your kitchen.

Know your Concept

Before you proceed at all, decide on what you are going for, this will help take the necessary steps toward achieving it. When you have an idea of what to build, the rest of the steps will fall in place. If you don’t know what to go for, below are few ideas for your kitchen, and you can also look up some on the internet.


When thinking of a kitchen layout, consider how you will be using the kitchen, whether it comes with dining space or not. All of this should be put into consideration.

Create a floor plan

It is of great advantage when you create a floor plan to pinpoint where certain appliances would be, airflow, and cabinet construction.


The materials used in the decoration of a kitchen are vital due to several reasons. The kitchen is different from every other room because it functions and is a heat and humidity place. Nowadays, new kitchen materials are being developed that can hold well under extreme weather conditions and humidity. Besides, they can last for years.


Lightening is significant in any room of the house, whether it is the sitting room or kitchen. Lightening changes the outlook of a room and creates moods. They are even more essential in smaller spaces because proper lighting in a remote area gives the illusion of a larger and open room.

Whether you are going for ultra-modern, cozy, or a sleek kitchen, proper lighting will help you achieve the look.

Kitchen Ideas for Moms

Gone are those days when the kitchen is only used to prepare foods, now they are more like where we prepare our foods, enjoy a good day with families and sometimes relax. The kitchen is one of the house rooms that creates a comforting and relaxing atmosphere if properly designed to fit the role.

Decorating a new kitchen does not necessarily have to involve breaking down walls or chaos. Sometimes, it needs a touch of colors, a change of lighting, and the right cabinet hardware; then, you have yourself a new and transformed kitchen. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or put together a new one, here are some of the ideas you can consider:

Tile your Hood

This is a way of making the kitchen look great; covering the kitchen with the same materials as your walls boosts the kitchen looks. This method has a way of camouflaging a large appliance and also makes it look sleek and clean. When the large equipment like the range hood blends with the kitchen theme, it gives the kitchen a sophisticated look.

Create a Color shade or Tone

Depending on the design you are going for, every kitchen needs a touch of color. However, you can take color a step further by mixing the Tone of different colors. If you love the sunny and bright color, give your kitchen a different tone of yellow. If you are going for the cool kitchen, you should probably mix the different navy blue tones. You will be surprised by the result.

Captivate with Your Wall Paper

You can create a story with your kitchen wallpaper, especially those with little kids. It may sound crazy, but it will be fun to do a Cinderella or peter pan theme wallpaper for the kids. It adds the needed color to the kitchen and makes it attractive to the kids.

Add Green to the equation.

Beautiful plants add a homey feel to the kitchen, start a potted plant collection, and teach your kids how to care and nurture for a new life. Besides flowers and herbs, plants are a great way to start an indoor garden and a great kitchen idea.

Try open Shelf

The open Shelf is a lovely kitchen design; it gives the kitchen an open and airy outlook. The stacking of plates and pots, the arrangement of appliances and quaint objects adds personality to the room. You can spice it up with a colorful flower vase.

Use your Pattern

You can use a pattern to decorate your kitchen cabinets, island, and walls. Pattern wall is beautiful and adds personality to your kitchen.

Retro is Good

Blend the classic English kitchen with a touch of the 21st century, and you have a charming and cozy kitchen. Add a touch of artwork and lighting.

Add a chalkboard panel.

Excite your kids with a chalkboard panel where they can write their favorite food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Remember, you can also write out the grocery list on it.

Create storage space

Storage space is never too much in a kitchen; you can get creative with the storage area like a food processor behind a sliding cabinet. Also, you build a storage cabinet door with double function.

Schoolhouse Vibe

The schoolhouse vibe is a creative way of designing your kitchen to fit your children’s taste. Add life to the white kitchen with colorful stools, a chalkboard, and a memo board.

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