Do you remember your childhood? When technology isn’t too much available. Whenever you got time, you did art many sceneries of nature, played with your friends, swim in the lake, run in the yard and makes lots of fun with your family and friends. We were so much attached to our real life with people.

Now the millennial generation has 4G download speed, they can Skype their friends abroad, Netflix and chill with someone they meet on tinder, has thousands of friends and followers on Facebook, millions of moments on Instagram and the list goes on.

My child doesn’t want to play anymore he rather prefers PS4 time! Even my toddler knows how to watch videos on Youtube! Today’s kids are stuck with electric devices including Android, Iphone, IPad, mobile and many gaming devices. They don’t prefer playing outside anymore. Is it cool for any mothers?

No! That makes me think is technology killing the creativity of a child?

I searched and found out many people already talked about the topic. I thought I should add something more from my life experience.

Technology made our life easier. I appreciate that. But overuse of anything is harmful! The idea is same for the Technology as well. Sad but true we are teaching our kids not to think. How? You can find anything on google, you can calculate on the calculator, you can watch information from any video source and so on!

When will the kid think? You are restricting its thinking ability by providing every solution. That will not make him smart, rather it will harm its brain development.

You better know, child’s needs time from their parents. But today most parents are busy with their work and they don’t give enough time to their child. For that, they buy some electronic devices and give it to the child for entertainment and passing time. This is actually bad.

Can you imagine an 8 years old has a crush nowadays or has its own breakup story to tell?

These days children are too active in social media. They busy with chatting each other. But not talk too much with family members and feel depressed without a reason. They don’t sleep well and stay up in the night.

Today’s youngsters feel helpless or powerless without any reason. And this Feelings comes from too much using of social media like Facebook, what’s app, Instagram, twitter and etc.

The age when a kid should ask about trees, animals, airplanes, world and so on they are telling you the story about their relationships, breakups and parties! I guess this is alarming! Technologies are good and they are helpful but not like you will be the prisoner of technologies.

Every parent should take serious steps from the very childhood. Parents should build good habits of reading books, spending time in nature, playing outdoor and so many other real activities. Limit the usage of technologies in front of them rather do something productive. Have some good family time together, travel, go on a picnic, and Let it watch the beauty of nature.

Creativity is something that will grow up from the childhood. But how will the creative mind work if the kid doesn’t have time to think? Think about it seriously. Overuse of technologies can kill the creativity of the future generation.

Try to be free with your kids and listen to their voice closely. Those will work as a boost for a child and they will get a good impression. If they got families enough attention, then their mind will be refreshed and they will show their creativity with happiness.

Therefore, be happy with your child and consider an eye to their social activity and give them support and love when they need it.

Stay healthy and don’t hesitate to share your voice in the comment section.

Have a good day!

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