Pregnancy is a period when you have to be extra cautious about every little thing. Even you have to give a second thought to your drinking water.

Drinking water is important and it’s become more important when you’re expecting. You have to drink a decent amount of water during pregnancy.

Generally, we drink water from tap or bottle. But pregnancy is a significant period as we said earlier. You may think to switch bottle water from tap water to consume during pregnancy.

And here rise many questions!

Is really bottled water safe during pregnancy?

Which water should I drink while pregnant? Bottled or Tap?

If you have got the same hesitation put your seatbelt on and take a ride with us. Today we are going to make every confusion clear.

Let’s start.

The importance of water while pregnant

At first, you have understood the importance of drinking water during pregnancy. Why should you drink more water?

Water is an essential element of our life. For good health, we have to consume sufficient amount of water on daily basis. And when it comes to drinking water during pregnancy, doctors recommended consuming more water than normal days. It helps to stay safe from dehydration and various health hazard include headaches, nausea, cramps, edema, and dizziness as well. Consuming less amount of water during pregnancy can be dangerous and can make many health problems of yours and your baby too. So make sure to drink good quality of water on daily basis.

Is Drinking Bottled Water Safe During PregnancyIs Drinking Bottled Water Safe During Pregnancy

Drinking water during pregnancy is important. Water helps to keeps the body hydrated and aids the proper growth of the baby. For that, you have to be sure to consume good quality water during pregnancy. Good quality water works as a safeguard against many waterborne diseases. You may think drinking bottled water is safe.

However, plastic bottle water can cause harm to the pregnant as they contain the harmful organic compound called BisphenolA (BPA). BPA can lead serious health hazard include miscarriage during pregnancy.

Bisphenol_AWhat Is BPA

BPA (Bisphenol A) is an organic compound which is found in polycarbonate plastics. These are often used in the plastic bottles, food containers, and hygiene products. This can lead to serious health hazard to the pregnant and the unborn baby as well.

Harmful effects of BPA During Pregnancy

BPA often found in plastic water bottles and it can harm the pregnant and the baby as well. Plastic bottles contain Bisphenol A and a carbon-based synthetic compound that can lead to numerous health hazard.

The harmful effects of BPA during pregnancy is given below.

One. BPA exposure increases the risk of miscarriage.

Two. BPA can affect the intrauterine growth of the fetus.

Three. BPA can trigger gestational diabetes in pregnant women.

Four. Some research shows that BPA exposure during prenatal stage can lead lung problems in the babies.

Five. BPA exposure can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Six. BPA can also raise the blood pressure of the mother.

Seven. BPA may lead to increase the risk of a preterm birth.

Eight and last. BPA exposure during pregnancy can lead to 70-100% loss of nerve synapses in the spine and hippocampus part of the brain due to the blocking of the normal estrogen and androgen activity. – According to the Initial animal study.

The harmful effects of BPA are many and lots of studies are trying to find out all of the problems. As a mother, you have to ensure you eats or drinks BPA free products. If you follow BPA free products, then you and your baby’s health will be secured.

How to stay safe from BPA Exposure

To stay safe from BPA exposure, here are some steps that you can follow. Those will help to stay safe from numerous health hazard and ensure your baby’s good health as well.

Let’s see the steps.

Step 1. Always make sure to find out BPA free products. ( In past, it was difficult to find BPA free products. But now with public awareness and government regulations, companies are taking extra efforts to deliver BPA free products.)

Step 2. Avoid to store water in plastic bottles and make sure to store in glass or steel made bottles.

Step 3. Some well-known manufacturers produce BPA free packaged drinking water. You can purchase those and drink water without any hesitation.

Step 4. Avoid to consume plastic bottled water that is hot or stand for a long time in direct sunlight.

Those steps you can follow to stay safe from BPA exposure. These steps will work as a safeguard against many water-borne diseases.

Tap vs. Bottle (which one is the best)

Tap water often comes from the natural source. You can often drink tap water after boiling. If your community board is strict about the safety of drinking water in your area then you can drink filtered tap water without any hesitation. Also, most gynecologists suggest their patients drink purified tap water rather than bottled water.

In your pregnancy, you need to make sure that you are drinking enough amount of water throughout the day. The best way to drink enough water is, drinking a certain amount frequently instead of drinking a large amount once or twice a day.

If you are outside and it is possible to carry the boiled or filtered tap water then; you should use a good water bottle to track the amount of water intake.

On the other hand, bottled water often produced by companies. And it’s quite true that the source and purity of bottled water are ambiguous. Plastic bottled water leads to BPA that can cause many harmful diseases. Plastic bottles pollute the environment as well.

However, these days many well-known manufacturers come with BPA free bottled water. Those aren’t harmful and you can consume those BPA-free bottled water without any doubt. But make sure your purchasing bottled water is BPA-free.

It is not possible to boil or filter the tap water all the time for pregnant women who often go outside. Sometimes it becomes difficult to carry the water bottle along with you.

In that case, you can keep some bottled water in your car or workplace, or you can buy one for an emergency. As we mentioned before, you’ll find many well-known brands those are BPA-free.
Fiji Natural Artesian Water is a top choice among pregnant women. Fiji is widely accepted for its soft and smooth taste. A proper balance of PH and electrolyte level making it’s an excellent option for everyday use.

Final Words

Hope this article will help you in term of drinking good quality water during pregnancy. Always ensure to drink BPA-free water. This will prevent you and your unborn baby from numerous health hazard. Can you ever consume bottled water during pregnancy or did you face any health issues because of BPA exposure? If you’re. Then don’t hesitate to share your experience with us.

I’m wrapping up for now. We will meet soon with some more tips and life hacks. Till then, stay healthy and don’t forget to share your valuable opinion with


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