Is there any Spell or Magic Tricks to make my Nipples Invisible?

Ladies wear a bra for hiding nipples, delay sagging, prevent bouncing, and avoid pain and discomfort.

Still, many women out there don’t like to wear a bra. For them a bra is uncomfortable.

Going braless is a choice, and every one must respect this decision.

You can have a look at those pictures of some celebrities who don’t care about other people’s opinion. For example:

Do you think Rihanna cares?

Rihana braless

Victoria Beckham doesn’t give a shit:

Victoria Beckham braless

Selena Gomez on Mood!

Selena Gomez braless

They just don’t care about others opinion. Yes, their nipples are visible, but who cares? If you want to go braless, it’s your choice and your life! Don’t give a shit what others think!

But the fact is, a lot of ladies don’t want their nipples to be visible. With or without a bra they just want their nipples well-guarded.

If you don’t want your nipples to be visible, we have some ideas for you. Luckily, there are many ways about how to prevent nipples from showing:

Using Bras

If you are comfortable with bras, then it’s easy to make your nipples invisible. Just wear slightly padded bras. Your nipples will not pop out in the middle of a presentation or conversation. You are well protected with your padded bra.

Cotton Ball Hacks

The cheapest and quickest way is to use cotton balls.

  • Pick two cotton balls
  • Spread over your nipples
  • Wear your bra!

Magic! Your nipples aren’t visible anymore!

Band-aids Hacks

Using a Band-Aid is another quick solution. Place band-aids over your nipples and wear clothes! Nothing will be visible. You can even go braless if you use band-aids trick.

Open Hair

It is another smart idea. If you have long hair, use them to cover your nipples. Brush your hair and let them fall over your shoulder on your chest. No waste of money, no additional accessories. Girls with short hair? I am sorry this is not for you!

Breast Petals or Nipple Cover

If you want a permanent solution, and ready to invest some money, congrats you have that solution too. Just purchase nipple shield or breast petals according to your preference. You can wear them with a bra and without a bra. Congratulation ladies with short hair, you have got a solution!

Dark or multicolor tops helps

If slightest temperature change can cause nipple erection, you better consider wearing dark and multicolor tops. Single color tops draw attention to your breasts immediately. Multicolor tops with large prints, on the other hand, divert attention from your boobs.

There are few other practical hacks I can share with you. But for now, I guess those will help. If you want the world to see your nipples, that’s your choice. If you don’t want your nipples to be visible, it’s your choice too!

If you feel free or feminine while your nipples are visible, let them be! If you think your nipples are not everyone’s to see, hide them properly. What do you feel when your nipples are visible? Let us know.

For now, I am leaving you here. We will meet again soon with lots of other tips, tricks, hacks, product reviews, etc. feel free to share your opinion so that we can improve.

Best of Luck!

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