Childhood is a wonderful time, no offense. Every child is the blessing of God. And parents always want to give the highest level of security to the kids. But as we all know kids are curious about everything around them especially crawling babies. They want to see everything and touch everything. This is good but bad as well. They can get in contact with stuff that they shouldn’t. That causes little and serious accidents sometimes. This is why making a child-friendly home is extremely important.

Parents have to set some child-friendly objects that will work as a safeguard to their little one. Also, the environment must be welcoming for the child. This will make your child more alert, self-sufficient and content to play alone. For that, you have to change a little. In this article, I will tell you few steps to make a welcoming home for the baby.

Let’s see.

Non-skid tiles

Its common child will crawl, walk, run or move around the house. They can fall or slip while doing such things. So you can use non-skid tiles to reduce the risk of slips, falls and skip potential injury of your children. This will provide a good grip for kids to walk on safely in the house.

Shockproof Switches

Kids can touch switches or sockets too. It’s too much dangerous as it can make electrical hazard. Make sure to set up shockproof switches and sockets in all electrical outlets. Advanced sockets have automatic shutters that will stop children from sticking their fingers and other objects into them. The best idea is to keep those electric things out of the reach level of the child.

Set up low height basins

Kids love to do some work of their own sometimes. It’s not a bad thing. Yet it can cause harm. The height of the basins sometimes causes an accident. For that set up adjustable or low height basins for your children to wash hands and face easily. This will make them happy and teach them new things to. Anyway, don’t let them use water while no one is around.

Child-size Fittings

To teach your child about doing everyday stuff by themselves, you can do some adjustment in the bathroom. For example, you can add a baby toilet seat and teach how to use. Gradually they will learn how to use that. But don’t let your kid unnoticed during that time. A bathroom is a slippery place. Keep an eye always.

Ensure Rounded furniture

Sharp corners can also harm the baby. That’s why using rounded furniture is the safest idea to avoid sharp edge injuries. Otherwise, you can also use special foam rubber bumpers on such edges too. Certainly, this is an innovative idea to make your home more child-friendly.

Use non-toxic paint

Paints play a vital role in any home decoration. It creates a beautiful look in the house. When it comes to making a child-friendly home, you must use a good paint which is made of toxic-free chemicals and also have low Volatile Organic Compound(VOC) emissions.

child-friendly-kitchenBaby-proof kitchen

Obviously, a kitchen is the heart of any home. You have to be extra careful when you have a child. Make sure to keep hazardous chemicals as cleaning products in the high storage cabinets. Kitchen appliances and all the sharp objects keep away from your little one’s reach. Regularly check the smoke alarm and make sure to have a fire extinguisher in the home.

Add a child’s reading Space

It’s a very good idea to add a child’s reading space. This will give a place to your child where he/she can encourage mental exercise and explore their imaginations. Take any corner of the home and set up a comfortable book reading space with some child’s reading books.

Add outdoor fun space

Add some kid-friendly features outside of the home. Here the child can play and make fun as well. you can set a sandbox for your child. Those things will make your child’s summer days more beautiful.

Safety measures in the swimming pool

We all know child’s love to play with water. They play in the swimming pool or kiddie pool and that makes them joyful. So it’s mandatory to ensure the height of a kiddie pool is correctly calculated. A play pool can be 1.5 feet to 2 feet deep and for the higher age group can touch a depth of 4 feet or 5 feet.

Final Words

Making a child-friendly home is obvious for every parent. You can follow those steps and also can apply those in your home. Hope this article will help you while making your child-friendly home. Always try to take good care of your little one.

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I’m wrapping up for now. We will meet soon with some more tips and hacks. Till then, stay healthy and don’t hesitate to share your valuable opinion with

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