Having children is one of the greatest things that can happen to a couple. It makes us look differently at all those things that take for granted. Indeed, it’s a blessing for couples, until both of them are ready to have a child. This decision can either boost your marriage or may cause problems when you are ready, but your husband is not.

Although, this topic is quite delicate that people don’t want to talk about. It is true that many women think that all men are the same. Hence, in reality, they are not, as the relationship is comprised of two individuals. There can be a second opinion. Instead of forcing them, learn how to convince your husband to have children.

However, having a fascination toward baby is called baby fever, which is a feeling that you can never control. Sometimes you may not find your husband on the same page when it is about family planning. You need to make him understand, hence nicely.

What Should You Do to Convince Him

Here is how you can convince your man to say yes to a bundle of joy ;-

Express Your Craving In A Way That Inspires

When you are going through baby fever, then a lot of awkward things happens. Like, you will think about the baby when you wake up in the morning and before going to sleep at night. It may cause guiltiness that you are ungrateful for the life you are living in. Share this feeling with your husband, so that he can feel also.

Discuss About His Fears

He may have his own reasons for not expecting a child right now. Appreciate his thoughts and ask him about his fears. He might be facing problems with the current financial situation, personal life or work priorities. Listen to him during discussion without any interruptions.

If you think you have a better solution for his fears, then share with him. Also, share your baby fears with him and ensure that it doesn’t affect your decision. Assure him that you’ll be there in every phase of life with the baby.


Share Your Reason For Having A Baby

Let your husband know about your concern about having a child. Tell him how you planned everything for the future. It can help him to feel like not alone. Also, tell him some reason that may bring changes in your marriage and relationship as well.

Assure Him About Financial Stability

There is no doubt that with babies responsibilities comes and so as expenses. Sometime before becoming parents, people spend without thinking twice. Whereas, with babies they become accumulative. Show him that you have looked at your savings and annual income, so both of you can adjust with the new member. Also, you can bring both off your career that you both are financially solvent.

Discuss About Child In Different Activities

Most of the men have dreams of teaching their children different activities. Like, sports, hiking, hunting, fishing, or driving together. Boost this feeling by taking advantage of your husband’s interest. For example, if your husband like playing football then tell him how great it would be if he can teach his own children. 

Instead Begging, Try Emotional Tricks

Few women think if they beg, in front of their husband then they will definitely understand. In reality, nothing can solve with this plan. Instead, you can blackmail him emotionally. Like, call your neighbors or relatives adorable kid at home. Let your husband play with the kid, hold the baby, and feed the baby when they get hungry. It will help him to attach to babies emotionally. Remember, never let them change the baby’s diaper all of a sudden.

Talk About a Future With a Children

When you both are spending some quality time, talk about how exciting your lives would be with a baby. Try to imagine the situation together, so that he can get attached to it.

Be Patient

If you failed to make him understand in a few attempts, then be patient. Since it’s a huge decision so better be patient. Tell him that you love him, whatever is his decision.

What Shouldn’t You Do?

Don’t Skip Birth Control Intentionally

Although you want a baby husband doesn’t, still you should never skip birth control without letting him know. You may become pregnant accidentally if you skip the birth control, it can cause problems in your relationship. It can lead to a trust issue. So, you shouldn’t do that.

Avoid Talking About Babies All The Time

You may try to convince your husband to have children, but try not to bring it up every few seconds. Such a thing can become a reason to lose his interest further.

Final Words

No matter how to convince your husband to have children, you must always consider his feelings. Remember, do not nag him, trick him, and force him to have a baby. However, pregnancy and parenting is a journey for both of you. So, better go ahead together.

Have you convinced your husband to have a baby? How did you do this? Share your incredible story with us. We are waiting to hear from you.

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