One of the most common side effects of pregnancy is swollen feet and ankles. This condition is also known as Oedema. It can get worse when the weather is hot. The condition is not associated with pain, but it can be uncomfortable for the person experiencing it.

Thankfully, there are several ways to alleviate the situation.

Take Magnesium Supplements

Low magnesium levels in the body can worsen this condition. To make the swelling go down a bit, it is best to try magnesium supplements. These can be bought over the counter. To ensure you do not take too much, it is best to consult a doctor or midwife before taking them.

Effective Remedies For Swollen Feet During PregnancySoaking Your Feet In Tonic Water

Tonic water often helps with the situation. You can soak your feet in warm water or cold water that has quinine in it. The bubbles will help in reducing the swelling. One other useful method is soaking the feet in bath salts such as Epsom.


There are yoga poses that have been known to reduce swelling in the feet and the ankles. These poses enable proper blood circulation in the body. When the circulatory system is prompted, it will aid in reducing pressure from the ankles, thereby ensuring that the swelling decreases. You can talk to your midwife about the useful poses for pregnant women.

Try Various Essential Oils

There are essential oils that are helpful in reducing swelling when put in a bath or applied with some coconut oil. These are grapefruit, olive, and sweet almond. Apply these on your ankles and the soles of your feet. Massage the feet while rubbing them in a circular motion to get the best results.

Wear Support Tights

Support tights have individual compression properties that ensure your feet do not get swollen. There are tights and stockings made for pregnant women that reduce the chances of swelling.

Special shoes

Buying special shoes that offer you more support can be a big help, and this can be a necessity during pregnancy. Sandals for heel pain that provide extra support can make your life a lot more comfortable if you are suffering from this sort of an issue.

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Elevate Your Feet

Your feet get more swollen because of gravity. You should keep them elevated when you can to ensure you keep the pressure off the feet. You can put some pillows under your knees when seated to keep the feet in a good position.


Swimming is excellent for your circulatory system. Floating on the water will also ensure that there isn’t too much pressure on the feet and the ankles. This helps in reducing the swelling. This is the perfect activity since there will be no gravity exerting pressure on your body.

Is Bottled Water Safe During PregnancyDrink Lots Of Fluids

Ensure you take about 8 to ten glasses of water per day. You can try cucumber or lemon water because of these help in reducing swelling.

Final Words

During pregnancy Swollen Feet is a common problem, and those are the natural remedies for the issue. If you practice those, you can stay away from irritating swollen feet problem.

Apart from swollen feet, pregnancy also comes with lots of other physical and mental hassles. It is always better to consult your doctor and live according to his/her instruction.

Pregnancy is a remarkable journey that ends with the best gift that life can give. So, little extra care is mandatory. I am wrapping up now. We will meet again soon with other pregnancy-related issues. Till then:

Stay Safe!

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