Quote me anywhere! Young teenagers are the easiest set of persons to shop for. This is not in a bit to be controversial but as it were, everything and anything may go for a surprise. However, regardless of the ease this may pose, getting the wrong gift for your teen son would not only ruin his day, but it will also set a heart of ingratitude in the young male.


Thus, you wouldn’t want to ruin your son’s birthday with an unpleasant surprise. Well, this article will not only direct your path, but it will also give you the boldness and confidence you need as regards the acceptance of the gifts. Consider the following items when in doubt.


Buy your son a mini robot and you’d be the best parent in the world. It’s quite natural for a young teen to admire robots. This is owing to their adventurous nature and desperation to practicalize their wildest imagination. Movies have created this huge hunger in the heart of male teenagers. Anything that will give them an opportunity to practice is by far a remarkable and outstanding gift. Gift Light Bulbs agrees, recommending this awesome gift. Your 14 year old son will be thrilled to receive the Anki Cozmo robot.


Call this the teen ride. Every male teenager wants to own a bike even though his father is the president of the world and owns countless aircrafts that are at his disposal. Again, if your son doesn’t own a bicycle and has never asked for one, then you should be bothered. Not only is bicycle the teen ride, but it also turns out to be their major means of sport and exercise as he joins his fellows in a world of adventure. If you desire an ideal gift for your son, a bicycle shouldn’t be an exception. Even if you have cars and jets, a bike is no way useless for a birthday boy.


Who has a fourteen year old son that doesn’t like to swim? It becomes so special when he receives a swimsuit as a birthday gift. There is no point going for what you can’t afford financially. Hence the choice of swimwear. Again, this isn’t so popular among black and even white nations. However, you won’t regret presenting that to your son. Imagine the gratitude of that crazy swimmer when he receives the gift of a special suit. Truth be told. It will remain special to him.


Buy your teen son a tablet and you’ve become the most caring person in the world. Quote me anywhere. A mobile device as a birthday gift is enough to bribe a fourteen year old into absolute gratitude. On several occasions, I have witnessed most young guys scream in excitement at the sight of a mobile device. Am even testimony to that. My aunt bought me an Apple tablet on my 14th year birthday. I almost missed my steps down the stairs as I jumped in excitement. Without controversy and doubt, this will do the job and even give him a huge advantage in understanding the social world.


While a fourteen year old son may not be an ardent fan of shoes in the presence of other alternatives, shoes seem to be guys as clothing to girls. A young boy would want to have all the colors of supra, all model of all-stars, the finest Gucci shoes. In fact, the most trending shoe at that moment is just an ideal gift for a son. You can trust me on that. That’s what the teenager wants.


Is your son is a fan of Batman, Superman, etc or even has one favorite musician or actor? If your son is a fan of John Cena like me, you will be doing the most good by buying him a Cena’s vest. It’s quite unfortunate that my parent isn’t aware of this simple logic. My teen days were usually boring as gifts meant for toddlers or even adults were bought as a gift for me.


Give him a mystery box. There is nothing more amusing and full of suspense like a mystery box. This kind of gifts are usually gotten and presented among the whites. The black seems to be ignorant of the awesome of this priceless commodity. It is priceless because of it just priceless. Your son gets to know what was given him even before you know. If you asked me, I would tell you that there’s no better way to surprise your son than to surprise yourself too.

You could even check out for a collection of pant trousers, vest and other underwear’s that you think your son needs. You ain’t ignorant of his puberty. I think pant boxer should be among the items you’re choosing for your son.

Was this useful? Now go and give it a try!

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