Waiting for your baby’s arrival?

Are you prepared completely?

What, Not yet? Start preparing immediately and grasp all the essential gears before the baby born. After birth, your life will take a U-turn. You will not even get time to breathe!

You have enough time now, so check out everything and buy the most effective must have baby gears wisely. You don’t have to make a checklist as we are here with a must-have checklist today.

Baby Gear Checklist

If we miss something, don’t hesitate to place a comment in the comment section below. We will keep the list up to date.

Let’s see what must have baby gears you should have:

Gears for Moms

Yes, there are things you should have for the mother. After all, she is the one who will care for the baby all time. So, she needs some helpful gears too. Let’s see what to purchase for a mom.

Postpartum Belly Belt

Pregnancy makes the belly muscles weak and supply also changes so many other body parts of a female body. To get back to your natural self quickly, a post-partum waist trainer is a right choice. It will help to reduce the postpartum belly, hips and waist as well as help to recover the muscles quickly.

Nursing Bras

If you wear a nursing bra you can feed your baby anywhere anytime quickly. Make sure you have measured the correct size.

Nursing Pads

Nipple leakage is a common problem before and after labor. A nursing pad can absorb leaks. Breast pads are used under the bra.

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is helpful for feeding your baby for the first time. Those are soft and comfortable to use.

Breast Pump

If you want to build up a supply of breast milk, a breast pump is a right product. Also, if your breasts seem engorged, a breast pump will solve the issue by expressing.

Milk Storage Bags

To store breast milk, a mom can keep some milk storage bags too.

Nipple Cream

Use high-quality nipple cream every time after feeding. You can avoid sore or cracked nipples.


Mom can bleed a lot after childbirth. A towel is essential for that. Try to purchase maternity towels. Those are soft and comfortable for mom’s soft skin.

Foods and Drinks

Be prepared with healthy soft drinks, tea bags, coffee, snacks, and biscuits and so on. Breastfeeding will make you thirsty and lower your energy.

Breastfeeding Cover

If the baby is hungry, you have to feed it no matter where you are. So, keep a breastfeeding cover that will make you ready to breastfeed instantly.

Clothing Checklist for Baby

Will you keep your baby naked all the time? Absolutely not. Also, if you live in the cold atmosphere, clothing is a serious factor to consider. Let’s see what should be your concern in baby clothing.

Full Bodysuits

Full body suit keeps the baby safe from toughest cold rather than separated clothes. Those are easy to put on and off. Make sure you purchase several pairs of full bodysuits made of superfine merino wool.

Baby Singlets

Keep at least 10 singlets made of soft cotton materials. Those are essential even in hotter months.


Keep at least 5 growsuits as those can be worn every time. Pick growsuits that has press studs all the way down the inside of the legs. It will make nappy changing easier.


Sunhat will keep your baby safe from sunlight. Try to pick a couple of sun hat that can be washing easily and big brim to provide enough shade.


You should keep beanies that don’t include a cuff. Hence those can unroll suddenly and cover the eye and face of the baby.

Jackets, Jumpers, Cardigans

(Winter Preparation)

you should buy some jackets, jumpers, cardigans to keep your baby warm. Make sure those have one or two layers underneath and doesn’t have ties included.


Keep at least seven pairs of socks in stock. Try to stick in a single color. You will lose several socks single color will allow you to pair up with odd ones. So, it’s time and money saving idea.

Changing Gears

You have to change your baby’s nappy several times a day, period. This is the most irritating job for every parent. Some objects can make this job easier and some products can keep your baby safe. Let me tell you what those are you need to buy for changing.

Baby Diapers

You will need tons of diapers for an obvious reason. No exception. Buy from a trusted brand and always keep a lot in your stock.

Changing Pad

While changing diapers, changing pad will prove to be handy. Those are easy to use and super comfortable. Make sure you purchase at least one. You can also purchase changing table but why waste money if changing pad can do the job easily?


To clean the sensitive skin of your infant wipes are essential. Keep a box of wipes ready all the time and another box in stock. In diaper-changing time you will realize the benefit.

Baby Powder

baby powder works as a moisturizer. It helps to reduce moisture, friction and the risk of diaper rashes. Apply baby powder every time after wiping your baby’s skin.


Diaper rash is a common thing among babies. Make sure you have a healthy cream with you.

Nappy bags

To keep diapers and other accessories organized, keep nappy bags as well.

Bedtime Gears

What to consider for tots bedtime? You will see lots of products on the market. Unfortunately, not all of those are worth to purchase. Even some of those are not at all necessary. Here is the essential list for bedtime. Have a look:


Keep at least three or four sleepsuits to offer a Goodnight sleep to your child. Those suits will keep your baby warm all night long.

Baby Crib

For a comfortable sleeping environment, crib or mosses basket is another needed accessory. That offers a nice frontier and a comfortable bed where baby can sleep.

Cellular Blankets

While sleeping, baby can be overheated by extra clothes, bedding or high temperature of the room. Use a cellular blanket that are made of cotton and has tiny holes for proper air circulation.

Swaddling Blankets

Swaddling Blankets look like a trap. Those cover the whole body of a child and keep them warm and give them comfortable sleep during cold sessions.

Room Thermometer

You should buy a room thermometer to know the temperature status. Too hot or too cold temperature isn’t at all good for a baby.

Feeding Gears

Don’t worry; your baby will force you to feed it in the most unfortunate moment of a day. What, really? Yes, dear, my one used to scream at 3 am for food. Nothing to do you has to keep it calm. Some accessories will help you to make feeding fun and effortless. Check what those are:

Baby Bottles

Bottles are an essential item for feeding. Keep some bottles in your collection that are made of glass or BPA free plastic.

Bottle Sterilizer

To keep everything clean bottle sterilizer is the right product you need in your hand.


Another most needed requirement for feeding is nipples. While purchasing nipple makes sure, it is made of high-quality baby-friendly materials.

Bottle/nipple brush

To clean the nipples and bottles, you have to keep nipple brush as well.

Burp cloths

baby drooling is a common issue so keep some burp clothes as well. The burp cloth must be made of soft and safe materials.

Bathing Gears

Some babies love the bathing time while some other hates it. No matter what your baby desire, you have to give it quality shower often. So, there are some gears you have to pick. Let’s what are those essentials:

Baby Bathtub

Consider baby bathtub that is made of highest quality harmless material. Don’t forget to consider the comfort and safety as well.


to know the temperature of water you have to have a thermometer.


The towel must not be rough. The skin of your baby is soft. So, pick one that is nice and snuggly.

Baby Friendly soaps and shampoo

Make sure the soap and shampoo you use are absolutely okay for the skin of your baby.

Outdoor Gears

You won’t keep your baby at home all the time. Sometimes you have to move along with it. Sometimes for your personal purpose and sometimes to entertain it. So, let’s have look at the things you need to purchase for travel time.

You already know all the things about diaper changing. In outdoor you have to carry those with you in the diaper bag. Let’s see what else you need:

Baby Carrier

Baby carrier will give your hands full freedom. You can carry your baby long time without any fatigue.

Baby Stroller

You can also use a stroller if you don’t find carrier much comfortable. The market is full of wide varieties of strollers. Even there is solution for twin babies. You can purchase a double stroller too. Make sure the stroller has umbrella included along with all the safety gears.

Baby Car Seat

Car seats will allow your kid to sit comfortably in your car. Buy a car seat for the baby and give it an enjoyable and secure ride.

Playtime Gears

Will you not play with your baby? How will you calm it while angry or upset? You have to have some accessories that attract your kid and make it calm instantly. I have some essentials in here you can check it out:

Bouncy Seat

To keep your baby calm bouncy seat has no exception. You can pick one to let it play. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your baby while using a bouncy seat.

Baby Books

The market is full of different types of baby books that will entertain and educate your baby. Babies love to watch drawings of birds, animals, cars, and colors. While purchasing baby books consider those thinks.

Playmat with toys attached

Playmats are another most effective gear for play and learn. Your baby will surely enjoy playing on a playmat. Make sure the playmate you are going to purchase has different colors, music, and toys.

Play Yard

Keep the playing area of your baby safe with a play yard. Inside a play yard, your baby will play safely. If you have a play yard, you can cook without extra tension!

Baby Walker

Walker will teach the kid how to walk. It will not fall. Most importantly the kid will enjoy walking on a walker. Keep at least one to teach it how to walk.

Safety Gears

What is the highest priority of a parent? To keep the baby safe. For that, you have to grab some safety equipment. Try to make the environment of your home baby safe with those essentials. First of all, you have to purchase a:

Stair Gates

Stairs are pretty dangerous for babies. As babies crawl a lot so you should keep it away from stairs. How? Use stair gates.

Baby Monitor

You can’t keep an eye all the time. You have to visit toilet or kitchen or other places of the home often. How do you know the condition of your baby that time? Simple, install a baby monitor.


Install fireguards in your fireplace. A baby doesn’t know where to go and where not to. So, keep it away from the fireplace with fireguards.

Smoke Detector

Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well.

Electric Socket Covers

Cover the entire electric plug socket, cupboards with good quality covers so that baby can’t touch any of those.

Before I Leave

This is not the end my friend. You have to purchase so many other things as well. Hell, what?!? Yes, I mentioned earlier, it is not a piece of cake to nurture a baby. You have to invest a lot of time, effort and money. But at the end, it is the baby who lightens up the family. So, the baby deserves the best no matter what the price is.

We are wrapping up for now. Keep sharing your views and advice with Momsnkids team. You can also add items we missed on our checklist. We will keep the checklist up to date with time. Many more effective tips, tricks, hacks and product reviews are coming soon.

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