Without any hesitation, pregnancy is one of the miracles of life. You’re growing a life inside your body. It’s marvelous. Though there is some discomfort of being pregnant such as the weight gain, the swollen ankles and using the washroom in every ten minutes! You will often get uncomfortable details of pregnancy from your family and friends such as:

“I had gained 80 pounds”

“Those nine months was the longest time of my life.”

However, in the end, you will get the best ever gift. The baby! To achieve something beautiful, pure, and heartwarming, a bit sacrifice is okay. What to say? Nothing is precious than having a baby. Anyway, there are some amazing facts about pregnancy probably you missed!

No more talking, fasten your seatbelts and read out these amazing pregnancy facts. After all, pregnancy is not only a fact of irritation, it offers much more along with the baby!

Uterus Expands Up To 500 Times Its Normal Size

Do you know the uterus can expand up to 500 times from its original size? A woman’s body is a wonderful thing. It can go from a couple of ounces to 1-2 pounds in weight. And after delivery, it goes back to its original size and weight. (1)

Amazing Pregnancy FactsHair Changes

Hormonal changes can affect your hair during pregnancy. Hair growth will increase and it will look fuller than usual. You may feel it while pregnant. After pregnancy, your hairs growth circle will back to its normal rate. In the time of postpartum, you may lose more hair than usual. Don’t be surprised it’s temporary. (2)

Heart Grows

Your heart organ enlarges while pregnant. The heart works harder and beats more rapidly due to the increased volume of blood during pregnancy. In this time, your blood volume increases up to 40-50%. (3)

Joints get soften

To prepare your body for birth, your body produces a hormone called relaxin. This relaxin softens your ligaments. And this helps to free your pelvis during pregnancy. Hence, this softening helps your baby to pass through your pelvis during the birth. Wonderful isn’t it? (4)

Sense Of Smell Gets Stronger During Pregnancy

Did you notice that your sense of smell gets more sensitive during pregnancy? Yes. You can feel like you have a superpower of getting every smell. That’s magical. It’s a hormonal change and happens because of high levels of estrogen and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). After pregnancy, your sense of smell will back to normal. So no need to worry! (5)

Taller women are more likely to have twinsTall Moms Are More Likely To Have Twins

“Taller women are more likely to have twins”- According to a study in 2006 by Dr. Gary Steinman, an obstetrician at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. He said, taller women have more of an insulin-like growth factor that has been linked to height and to the rate of twins in previous work. (6)

Feet Can Grows During Pregnancy

Feet grow during pregnancy! Surprised? Well, Yes, it’s true! The hormone called relaxin that can loosen the ligaments in your feet. This cause the foot bones to spread and your feet’s length and weight slightly increase. After delivery, your feet will back to normal size. So, nothing to worry about feet grows. (7)

Baby gets Nutrients First

The nutrients from the food you eat go to the baby first. Then the extra nutrients come to you. (10) That’s why doctors recommended eating more healthy foods during pregnancy. Even if you miss any meal, your body will take the nutrients from you to keep your baby well. So make sure to eat healthy food on a regular basis.

Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy cravings are just like a food fantasy during pregnancy. About pregnancy cravings, “No one really knows why pregnancy cravings occur, though there are theories that it represents some nutrient that the mother may be lacking — and the crave is the body’s way of asking for what it needs, “says Andrei Rebarber, MD, associate director of the division of maternal-fetal medicine at NYU Medical Center in New York. (8)

Sympathetic Pregnancy of Dads

Did you know that some dads experience some symptoms with their partners during pregnancy? It’s called couvade syndrome. Some dads around the world experience weight gain, morning sickness, altered hormone levels, labor pains and even breast growth along with their wife. It’s happened from the end of the first trimester to the end of the pregnancy. And it’s been documented in dads around the globe. (9)

Final words

Pregnancy is like a magical journey. In this time, you will face lots of unusual or amazing or weird facts. However, at the end of the day, you will get the best ever gift on earth.

If you find out any facts in your pregnancy period that we didn’t mention, don’t hesitate, make sure to write your amazing pregnancy facts in the comment section below.

I’m wrapping up for now. We will meet soon with some more amazing facts and life hacks. Till then, stay healthy and share your valuable opinion with Momsnkids team.


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