Metal buildings are massive superstructures. They include some of our best-known skyscrapers, like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai for example – the top of the architectural world. Since metals can be carved into brilliant shapes, people have experimented with them for many years, giving us relatively strange buildings. In this list, we’ll introduce to our choice of 5 strange metal buildings. You’ll find out their brilliance as masterpieces too!

The Kettle House

The Kettle House is situated in the Houston – Galveston area in the United States and has been a subject of curiosity for decades now. Built by Alabama war veteran Clayton E. Stokley, it was originally intended to be a retail space. He utilized the low steel prices at the time to come up with a project of such fascination. The Kettle House remained a subject of interest for its mysterious origins, revealed only recently by a member of Stokley’s family.

The Steel House

The Steel House, also referred to as the Robert Bruno Steel House is located in the town of Lubbock in Texas, United States. The most significant reason that makes it stand out from this list of structures, is the fact that it is actually incomplete. The building was designed and constructed by Robert Bruno, who made this structure his life’s work, but tragically passed away after a spur with colon cancer at 64, before he completed the building. Nonetheless, his work lives on and has been dubbed one of “America’s most striking homes” – for good reason. The house is unoccupied and has been so till 2008. The motivation for Robert Bruno was to experience what it felt like to live inside one of his own sculptures. If you want to live inside a steel house, just like Bruno wanted to, you don’t need to start making it! Just take a look at metal garages for sale for brilliant steel housing solutions.

China Central Television Headquarters

If you ever drive into Beijing, this building will stand out, unmistakable on the backdrop of Beijing’s brilliant city skyline. The CCTV headquarters is shaped like an arc but in the frame of a square drawn around its perimeter. This building was completed in 2012 and offers an alternative to the existing image of the conventional skyscraper. It is from this building that China’s state television network broadcasts its news to the lengths of the country. This 44 story skyscraper on Guanghua Road happens to be the fourth tallest building in China.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Located in downtown Los Angeles in California, United States, the Walt Disney Concert Hall was designed by Frank Gehry. It was initiated in 1987, after a donation by Walt Disney’s widowed wife. The building was completed only in 1996. The structure is stainless steel with a brilliant matte finish. The purpose was to build a building in tribute to Walt Disney and his devotion to the arts and his native city. The hall still hosts famous performances and hosts tourists who bask in its metallic beauty.

Montreal Biosphere

The Montreal Biosphere is surprisingly wonderful to look at. The attraction to the structure is a dome, that encircles the inner parts which are made of interlinking steel and acrylic cells, 76 meters in diameter and 64 meters high. The shape thus formed is an icosahedron. The biosphere’s amazing dome was designed by Buckminster Fuller and it has attracted public attention ever since.


All of these buildings are proof of how advanced modern-day architecture is. Metal is a really great source of construction, especially with the rising global concern arising from the depletion of river sand owing to large amounts of concrete production. Metals and alloys like steel provide environment friendly alternatives that, although expensive at the time of construction, turn out to yield great benefits like keeping off mould and rust. It is also implied that metals have better stability and strength in comparison to regular cheaper building materials like wood or cement. It, therefore, becomes a natural choice for super projects across the globe.

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