We’ve all lived our lives thinking children love toys. However, like everything else in the universe, these toys can sometimes be monotonous. Think of a young boy or girl with too many toys to play with! It is probably a good time to shift from the generic gifts of Barbie dolls and little antenna cars to explore something beyond.

1. Subscriptions to Suitable Magazines to Grow Their Mind

A subscription to a magazine can seriously help their knowledge and grow their curious minds. These also help develop a habit of reading and learning as a passion.

2. Charity Is A Gift Given on Behalf of God

Let them choose a gift and give it away to charity. It may be a simple LEGO set (read more here at LEGO Ways) or a set of books and pencils, but a contribution to charity will surely instill a lot of compassion in their young hearts.

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Kids3. Memberships of Various Kinds to Boost Them Up

Give them memberships to libraries or clubs where they can meet others of their age and become social. It is important to develop such skills at an early age in a healthy environment.

4. Musical Instruments to Aid in Holistic Development

Scientific research has proven that children who play at least one musical instrument are comparatively better in their development and performance than those who don’t. This is a good reason to start early and teach them at least one instrument to play. Doubling as a hobby and a method of development, it will also provide them with great musical skills and an ability to understand advanced music in the future.

5. All Work and No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

We’ve grown up hearing our parents say this to us. Play is an important part of growth, as important as learning etiquettes, academics and manners. Go ahead and buy him an outdoor game set, such as football, hockey or cricket.

6. A Watch ora Calendar

A watch or a calendar is a nice thing to give a kid. Watches are both in fashion and useful, while a nice calendar helps them plan out their schedule for the future. It also teaches them how to plan ahead in life, aiding their progress as human beings.

7. A Pair of Nice Headphones

Headphones may seem a gift meant mostly for adults, but it is not. These are wonderful gifts for kids as well as they can be effective in developing a musical taste. Ensure that you manage to teach them how to use a headphone, for loud music can be harsh on their tender auditory nerves. You could also introduce them to some great artists and allow them to explore further from there.

Christmas Gift Ideas For 5 Year Olds8. A Digital Camera

A digital camera is certainly no bad choice. They can use these to develop their photographic skills from an early age, turning it into a serious hobby or passion later on. Let them snap whatever they like!

9. Tickets to An Event or An Amusement Park

If you want to give away presents that kids love, you would naturally have to give them a ticket to their best day ever at an event they really want to go to or to the amusement park. Remember, kids, do not forget good things as quickly as we do. They live with the memory for days after.

10. Books Say It Better Than Everything Else

To actually fill a child’s mind with goodness, we recommend some really good reads. Proceed to introduce them to the loving gift of a fairy tale, in the likes of Dahl or Bond. Allow them to tuck away with a Harry Potter or an adventure from Secret Seven or Famous Five. Reading enriches the mind.

Getting a little one a gift is always rewarded with a sweet little smile. These smiles are totally pure and full of childlike adoration. Gifts, as we see them, are tokens of love an if you do manage to win their hearts with a little gift of joy, you remain as a favorite forever.

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