A baby doesn’t come with any instruction manual or proper user guide! There is no certain rule one can follow. Besides, you will not realize whether you are doing wrong or right. That’s make parenting hard so hard, especially if you are a first time parent. No past experience, no idea WTF is going on! As for moms, the journey is more severe because it is the mom who will spend more time with her baby.

Today we are here with 10 new mom life hacks for you. Those will help you out on the battlefield. Grab a chair and sit tight!

Baby foodPrepare Meals

It’s tough to prepare males while you have a baby at home. What to do? Well, prepare food for a week on weekends. Order him (Your Hubby) to help you out in this regard. Try to cook easiest dishes like stir fries, curries or slow cooker meals. You can refry those simple dishes and keep eating for a week. So cook those foods and store.

Buy Some Essentials (burp cloths, bibs and packet wipes)

Little baby can throw up spew or drool anytime or anywhere. You can’t carry too many things on hand to wipe up the baby. So buy some essential like burp cloths, bibs and packet wipes which will help to clean your baby smoothly. You can keep those things in a lounge room, bedroom, bathroom, nursery, kitchen and car as well.

Schedule the things to do when baby down for a sleep

You can’t guarantee how long your baby will sleep.So while the baby down for a sleep, try to cover all your undone work. Make a list of things you need to do while the baby is sleeping. The moment it sleeps start doing those stuff one by one.  You can go to the toilet for clean-up yourself, eat something and take rest for a while. Baby can wake up anytime so take rest beside the baby. If the baby wakes up, put him in a cot with some toys and let him play while you rest beside.

Keep your nappy bags stocked with the essential

Before leaving home, you have to keep some essentials packed including nappies, wipes, dummy, nursing pads etc. in the nappy bag. Keep some extra clothes of yours as well. Because you don’t know when or where you will be caught out by your baby.

Ready your clothes for next day before the night

The morning of a mother might start in a rush! Maybe you need to feed the baby, calm It also make breakfast for your office going husband, need to take a shower and be ready for your official meeting! All jobs within a short period of time. you might forget to wear the dress you want to wear for that particular meeting. That’s why to be ready with the dress before sleep. Wake up, take a bath and wear the dress before doing anything.

Put your dirty clothes in the washing machine before the night

You have to wake up the moment the baby wakes in the morning. Babies usually wake up early. It might make you exhausted as you sleep late last night. Everyone needs a perfect 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Put the dirty clothes in the washing machine as soon as possible. Do everything on time and sleep with the baby. A Goodnight sleep can make your day awesome.

Prepared the nursery for the night time feeds before you go to bed

For the night time feeds, you can use a ‘night light’ that will provide limited light. make sure that it’s enough for you to see but not too much that will wake up the baby when you go in to feed.

Make sure you have Water, burp cloth, music, wind machine etc. close to your arms range so that you’re not pointlessly interrupting babies feed or sleep.  You can also stock a change table to change nappies easily.

Reducing Stretch

Stretch marks for a new mom are horrible. But taking some good steps will help you to reduce them.

It’s starting to show after 6 months of pregnancy. At the first stage, it looks brown. Applying aloe Vera gel, lavender oil, almond oil, glycerin and lemon can help you to reduce it.

If you won’t take any steps in primary level, it will look silver white and it’s hard to reduce. But not so hard. In the modern age, medical science got laser surgery system to reduce them. Here is another way to decrease silver white color stretch marks. A product name is Tretinoin cream.You can use it.

Baby Milestone cards

Image from Pinterest.com

Use milestone cards to keep notes on baby

Using milestone cards to keep notes on a baby is such an interesting job to do. It’s a simple task, just take 1 photo of your baby every week. write what happened during the week in back part of the photo. In this way, you can note about every single week of your baby.

Final words

Moms always want to give the best care to her child. It’s a universal truth. But it is not possible for a single individual to take care everything. One has her personal things to do as well. Dear dads don’t expect a mom to do everything, she is a wonder woman but a wonder women also require help sometimes. Help her as much as possible. Support each other on your parenting journey. By doing this you can make the journey smooth for each other.

Those essential hacks will help you out I am sure. I am going to end the article here. If you have anything to know, comment below. We will come back soon with other effective tips and tricks. Till then:

Stay Happy!

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